• CD Music of Trust – monographic album with choral pieces and the Mass of Trust for soprano, choir and orchestra
  • CD The Sound of the Sea – Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin – with the piece Water Nymph
  • CD Magnificat – Polish choral sacred music – with the piece Stabat Mater
  • CD Universitas Cantat 2015 – International Festival of University Choirs – with the piece Arion
  • CD Songs of the Golden Land (Piosenki ze Złotej Krainy) 2019 – TSLIL Jewish Choir/Chór Żydowski CLIL – with choir arrangements
  • CD „In modo di Lutosławski” Koncert Kompozytorski 2013 – DUX Recording Producers – with the piece Lutosławski
  • CD Kompozytorzy (Composers) – Zespół Szkół Muzycznych im. K. Szymanowskiego w Toruniu – with the piece Atoms of silence for marimba solo
  • CD with relaxing music Colors of Calm 2012