List of works

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Vocal orchestral works

Ubi caritas for mixed choir, string quartet and organ (2019)
A Jewish Suite for choir, orchestra and klezmer band (2017)
Mass of Trust for choir and orchestra (2016-2017)
Skyrim – arrangement (2016)
Pieśń radości – for children chois and band (2015)
Arion – for choir and string orchestra (2015)
Ave Maria for choir and symphonic orchestra (2015)
Dusze powrotne for choir and orchestra (2011)

Choral works

Three songs to B. Leśmian’s poems for female choir and harp (2021)
Christmas Carol for mixed choir (2021)
Sleep, Jesus, sleep for mixed choir (2021)
Quae est ista for mixed choir (2020)
Houses of dreams for mixed choir (2020)
Water Nymph for mixed choir (2020)
Winter lights for mixed choir (2020)
One for mixed choir (2020)
Behind the doors for female choir (2020)
Wianku, wianeczku for mixed choir (2020)
Cloths of heaven for mixed choir (2019)
Salmo 8 for mixed choir (2019)
Domine Dominus noster for mixed choir (2019)
Da pacem Domine for mixed choir (2018)
Trahe me post te 
for mixed choir (2018)
U Batorego for mixed choir (2018)
Chanukolęda (HanukCarol) 
for two choirs (2018)
Stabat Mater for female choir (2017)
Deus meus for mixed choir (2017)
Ostende mihi for mixed choir (2016)
Vater Unser for mixed choir  (2016)
Kyrie eleison for mixed choir (2016)
As the rain for mixed choir (2015)
Wczoraj była nedilońka for mixed choir (2015)
Zmiłuj się for mixed choir (2013)
Więc kiedy byłem taki… for mixed choir (2012)
Magnificat (2012)
Modlitwa do św. Józefa for mixed choir (2011)
Gioia di cantare for children choir (2010)

Arrangements of Polish traditional music:
Zaświeć niesiądzu (SATB/SSAA)
Kupała na Iwana (SATB)
Kupalnocka mała nocka (SATB)
Ruta (SATB)
Pozic mamo raz (SSAA)
Kołyszże się kołysz (SSAA)
Matulu moja (SSAA)
Oj lulaj, lulaj (SSAA)
Oj śpiwom ja se śpiwom (Piejo kury piejo) (SATB)
Derewo (SATB)
Rozpalił nam Pan Bóg tarninowy ogień (SATB)
Święty Janie (SSAA)

Orchestral works

Concerto for marimba and string orchestra (2019)
Song of the woods for chamber orchestra (2019)
The path of history – for full orchestra (2016)
Lutosławski .-.. ..- – — … .-..- .- .– … -.- .. (2013)
Darkness of the night (2012)
Return to the Green Island for string orchestra (2011)
Taniec nimfy for symphonic orchestra (2010)
Chanson de geste for symphonic orchestra (2009)
Krople deszczu for string orchestra (2008)

Vocal works

Gdybym spotkał ciebie for soprano and piano / also in version for baritone and piano (2021)
Lubię szeptać ci słowa for soprano and piano / also in version for baritone and piano (2021)
Two songs to Victor Hugo’s poems for soprano and harp (2014)
Nuits de juin for soprano and marimba (2014)
Pokochałem ciebie for baritone, flute and vibraphone (2015)

Chamber works

Impulso for string quartet and vibraphone (2020)
Sfuggente for string quartet (2019)
Hämariku helid for violin, cello and piano (2018)
Atomy ciszy for marimba (2017)
Two songs to Jonasz Kofta’s poems (2015)
Sonate for flute and piano (2014)
Fantasia modale for organ solo (2014)
Krzywa wieża for string quartet (2014)
Fantasia oscura for organ solo (2013)
Serial Waltz (2013)
Overlaps for organ solo (2013)
4 miniatures for violin solo (2013)
Undine (2012)
The Wild Swans (2011)
Barkarola for violin and piano (2010)
Fobos i Dejmos for vibraphone and piano (2009)
Sur la vague for piano (2009)
for string quartet (2009)
Ragtime for 4 hands (2009)
Nad jeziorem (2008)
Variations „A la…” for piano (2008)
Ragtime (2007)
Opowieść hebrajska (2007)
Miniatura wiosenna (2007)
Krakowiak (2006)
Marsz fortepianów (2005)
Walc F-dur (2003)

Electronic works

OrienTale for clarinet and tape (2016)
Le monde de verre for tape (2016)
Peer Gynt – music to the play (2016)
Origins of Sound for tape (2015)

Other works

Marzenie – music to a short film (2012)
Colors of calmCD with relaxing music (2012)