Pieśń radości



A piece written for the 10th Aniversary of Śpiewająca Polska (Singing Poland) 15370090_1770021923249384_2698714605268220398_oproject for the region of Białystok. The aim of the project, lead by Narodowe Forum Muzyki and Akademia Chóralna, is to promote choral singing among children from kindergarten to high school, by organizing extra music lessons, workshops, concerts and choral competitions.

Pieśń radości (Song of joy) was performed by 19 children choirs (almost 450 children) in the Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska in Białystok.




Listen to the excerpts from the concert on BIA24.PL television channel.

Koncert 10-lecia Akademii Chóralnej „Śpiewająca Polska” region białostocki