„Chanukolęda” at the Łódź Philharmonic

Chór Żydowski CLIL i Chór Parafii Ewangelicko – Augsburskiej „Concordia”, dyr. Wojciech Pławner

Let the Christmas time begin! Where? At the Łódź Philharmonic in Poland!
On the 22th of December at the concert held in Łódź, you can listen to my „Chanukolęda” (Hanukkah-carol), a combination of Hanukkah songs and Christmas carols, performed by 4(!) choirs! Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrated at the same time of the year. The idea is to show that both traditions have a lot in common and they can coexist easily.

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Filharmonia Łódzka – Koncert kolęd

Mass of Trust

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In October and November 2018 in Wrocław and Berlin was held a unique project of Polish and German cooperation: Zaufanie – Vertrauen. Bringing people from Poland and Germany together through music (www.zaufanievertrauen.org)

Young musicians from Poland and Germany first met in Wrocław, then in Berlin, to get to know each other, host each other in their homes and work together during rehearsals and workshops on both musical and social grounds, in this way creating space for integration, friendship, at the same time seeking for trust, mutual understanding and world peace.

During the concerts in Wrocław and Berlin young musicians could present themselves with their own repertoire, and then together perform the “Mass of Trust” for soprano, choir and orchestra for the first time.


The choir from Germany Neuer Kammerchor Berlin, the choir from Poland – Medici Cantantes, the string orchestra Kameralna N-Harmonia and single instrumentalists from Poland and Germany

The concert in Wrocław was conducted by Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny, a Polish conductor while the concert in Berlin by Adrian Emans, a German conductor.
The project was organised by Filip Rozborski and Friedemann Trutzenberg.

Here is a short excerpt from the concert:

Mass of Trust – Kyrie



Kupalnocka, mała nocka

Kupalnocka plakatTonight in Toruń, there will be held a special concert of the PER Musicam AD ASTRA – Intl. Copernicus Choir Festival & Competition with my arrangements of Polish traditional songs associated with a Kupala Night (Slavic feast ritual on the shortest night of the year). Chór Kameralny UAM – AMU Chamber Choir and Tomasz Drozdek on traditional instruments will perform, conducted by prof. Krzysztof Szydzisz.
Wreaths are in preparation, flowers and branches will grow up tonight in a concert hall!

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